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  • 04/29/12--14:12: Max Koenig
  • Arm Piece

    BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery

    Max Koenig is a fashion jewellery student creating statement pieces inspired by geometrical and architectural shapes. For my final project I have decided to create a collection based on the theme of body modification.My pieces are made out of moulded leather and accentuated with blue elements. The aim was to create statement pieces made to measure to the costumer’s body creating a second skin.

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  • 04/29/12--15:23: Xiao Zhou Zeng
  • coming soon

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

    coming soon Zeng

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  • 04/29/12--16:50: Laura Marsh
  • The Panelled Jacket - Thom Sweeney Collaboration

    FdA Tailoring

    Tailoring Student

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  • 04/30/12--02:55: Garance Sagit
  • wild androgyn-illustration 3

    FdA Fashion Design Technology (Designer Pattern Cutter)

    I like experimenting with different fabrics and interesting trimmings, different colors, and I am still working to refine my style through each project I am undertaking. I do like the extravagant, playful and fun look.

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  • 04/30/12--03:48: Sophie Foreman
  • Concept

    BA (Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Accessories: Product Design And Development

    Final year project- 'Preservation of Memories'.

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  • 04/30/12--05:20: HERA WAN
  • Outfit 1

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology (Menswear)

    London based fashion designer, studying BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Technology Menswear course at the London College of Fashion since 2009. Before undertaking my fashion study, I had spent 2 years exploring in Industrial & Product Design study at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University community college. This paved a way for a better understanding and application in the ever-changing fashion industry. About the Final Major Project... MUTED ADOLESCENCE This project is inspired by the German Austrian film The White Ribbon (2009) exploring the appositeness between the young and the adult and gradually moving towards the manipulation on the style inspired by the historical pantomime characters. The concept is driven by the subtlety of the suppressing emotion between children and parents.

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  • 04/30/12--05:22: Kirsty Lester
  • Look Four

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles

    I have been specialising in embroidery, both hand and machine during my 2nd and my current 3rd year at London College of Fashion. Inspired by geometric shapes and compositions using classic garments in an eclectic new way using various textures. Like clean concise lines containing chaos. Clash of masculine fashion with feminine fusions.

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  • 04/30/12--06:43: Cecellia (Chao) Chen
  • AW2012 final collection

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear)

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  • 04/30/12--08:23: Jodie Fleischmann
  • Image 1

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

    Through completing my BA degree at The London College of Fashion, I have consistently been building on my design and technical skills for the past four years. I have also worked within a fashion manufacturers for the past two years while undertaking my BA degree this has also added to this knowledge. I am constantly pushing myself to work to be the best designer I can be. Two of my designs have been bought by asos through Elise Ryan (Fashion Manufacturer). In total asos ordered 3000 garments. I also have proved I have the initiative by taking it upon myself to contact an American Entertainment news presenter named Giuliana Racic, in which I sent across a design that I felt would really suit her style. Giuliana asked if I could fly it to her office in Los Angeles, so she could wear it for an upcoming event which I was more than pleased to do. Through work experience in companies such as Marks and Spencer, Lipsy and Arcadia, I have learnt how to create trend boards along with colour and fabric boards, and learnt at university the importance of trend forecasting. I then furthered these skills within Elise Ryan where boards were of constant importance and which I had the opportunity to help with. Creating range boards at university has enabled me to use Photoshop and Illustrator, and throughout my projects and work experiences CAD has been of major importance. I have built on these skills throughout my university experience. Teamwork is within my nature and I believe that collating different ideas can allow for a better outcome. From a young age I have aspired to be the best fashion designer I can be. I am extremely hard working, and can cope well in a high pressured environment. Designing is my hobby and my life.

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  • 04/30/12--10:20: Yasaman Zandi
  • ...

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles

    The aim of my collectiont is to explore women’s rights and freedom in Iran through the fashion scene in the country. The freedom to wear whatever we want very often is taken advantage of as today being able to dress in a particular way allows you to leave a personalised stamp in society of who you are and what you stand for. Many people use fashion to put forward the same message as they would in a personalised book or song and in this project I have explored the country in the world which has placed a complete halt on the expression of women through their clothing and confined them to oversized black clothes. The final outcome for this project will be something liberating, universal and fresh for Pre-Fall 2013.

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  • 04/30/12--10:44: Pei-Yi Lee
  • 2012 SS Finding golden lane

    FdA Cordwainers Accessory Design

    Specialize in leather hand bags. I try to create a unisex, cool, distinct style accessory for young man and women.

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  • 04/30/12--12:08: Angelina Cicero
  • collaboration project ! Colouring Foam Latex Puppets. Colouring by Me, Puppets by Iñaki Carbonell

    FdA Hair And Make Up For Film And TV

    Im Angelina, 21 and a London Collage of Fashion Graduate. FOR MORE OF MY WORK CLICK HERE :)

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  • 04/30/12--16:52: Shakera Graham-Whyte
  • innocence

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology (Surface Textiles)

    This collection is about innocence and purity within childhood. As I'm a mother I see certain aspects within children's fashion which isn't obviously noticeable to everyone. The clothing of today for children is looking more and more "adultish" its like mini adult clothes made with less fabric. I wanted to bring back the fun factor and bring out a child's personality within clothing. I decided to do a project based on a child's innocence; their playfulness and coy ways. These elements are my main influences within my sample making. I played around with certain fabrics once knitted and manipulated them with using different colours and textures. I was influenced by dolls, past photos and the late 19th century children's photos. My colours came from research and some were personal preferences which complimented one an other.

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  • 05/01/12--01:53: Anna Thompson
  • YR 2 Project -Frankenstein - Foam Latex and knotted lace pieces

    BA (Hons) Make-up and Prosthetics for Performance

    Make-up, Special Effects, Prosthetics and Wig Making!/annapct

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  • 05/01/12--10:33: Roberto Daroy
  • Technology as Religion

    BA (Hons) Fashion: Styling & Photography

    My work focusses on graphic visual narratives with a strong emphasis on editorial and advertising media. The use of embedded symbolism and visual innuendo are a signature of my work in which the viewer is enticed into questioning and forming an opinion. I believe that the fashion photograph has to speak to a more profound and diverse reality than simply being a passive recorder of 'events'. A reality that must be viewed in the broader context of multiple forces –from race, class, gender and politics – to lifestyle, culture and the realisation of the 'self'. It should have a 'cause' and 'effect, and promote an 'action' and reaction'. To view my work, please visit:

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  • 05/01/12--11:25: Charlotte Bernard
  • two

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

    Live Through This. Spring/ Summer 2013. Designer: Charlotte Bernard Model: Gracie Louise Dugdale Photographer: Silje Lovise Gjersten Live Through This was initially inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement of the 1990s. A politcal movement, a music scene and a sub culture, Riot Grrrl sought to free girls from the constraints society had placed upon them; to help women live by the rules and boundaries that they had set for themselves. This along with the beautiful photographs of Lauren Greenfield from the series Girl Culture, were the main source of inspiration. Live Through This is a celebration of individuality, no matter what that entails. Graduate show video coming soon. About me: Enthusiastic and dedicated Pattern Cutter. Womens wear designer.

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  • 05/01/12--12:32: Ashleigh Downer
  • 'Crystallography' 2012

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

    Womenswear Designer and Illustrator. Based in London.

    Anti-fur shoot - Directed by Rob Phillips Hair and Make-up by Lidia Patrizia BA (Hons) Make-up and Prosthetics for Performance Modelled by Patrycja Stefaniak from LCF Street Photography: Hill & Aubrey Creative Director: Rob Phillips, School of Design & Technology, London College of Fashion.

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  • 05/01/12--13:34: Claire Pugh
  • FMP

    BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery

    Claire Pugh is a fashion jewellery designer that creates one off pieces using found objects. This project is based on sustainable up-cycling. The final collection has been made from an old Television set. Copyright © Claire Pugh 2012

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  • 05/01/12--16:56: Rachael Dove
  • Uther Tribe

    BA (Hons) Make Up and Prosthetics for Performance

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  • 05/02/12--01:42: Sara Arnesen
  • JESSIE J in my printed swimsuit + leggings. Picture courtesy of Salvo La Rosa.

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

    I'm studying Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear (BA) at London College of Fashion. Go to my website continuous updates of my work: ________________________________________________________________ Some of the materials in my 2011 collection may seem out of place; they’re generally used by women to beautify, flatter and accentuate themselves. Sometimes they’re seen as constricting and oppressive, but here, items are rearranged and used in a new context. Original purpose and old symbols of femininity are reinvented and disrupted. The outfits play on the norms and unspoken rules of how things should be constructed and what they should be made of. This collection was showed at Fashion For Show on the 28th of April 2011. It was the second fashion show I organized with the Fashion For Show collective. And just like last years show it was featured at Dazed Digital, _________________________________________________________________ The Collection from 2010 is mainly influenced by playful and architectural African hairstyles. I was inspired by the construction of the ones that resembled cages. The idea of putting the body in a cage of hair later evolved into the prints I made on the garments. I am using synthetic hair in the accessories. I created these clothes and accessories for a fashion show, 'Fashion For Show', that I organized, held on the 27th of April at The Rag Factory, with 5 other fashion designers and 3 set designers. Together, we built the show from scratch; finding a venue, casting models, advertising the event and building the catwalk. We collaborated with make-up artists, hair stylists and DJ’s. The show was a triumph; between two shows the venue was filled with over 400 guests. We were featured by ’Dazed & Confused’ who attended the event, photographed the show and interviewed us for their website; __________________________________________________________________ Creative Education 2010-2013: Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear (BA), London College of Fashion, London. 2009-2010: Fashion Portfolio, London College of Fashion, London. A one year full time course focusing on fashion design with an emphasis on the design process; such as fashion illustration and photography, cultural studies, pattern cutting, sewing, fashion marketing, and styling for media publications. Aquiring creative and communication skills alongside technical ability using such programmes as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. 2008-2009: Cutters Academy in Gothenburg, Göteborg, Sweden. A one year full time course focusing on pattern cutting and sewing, where I learned how to make simple garments as well as more intricate ones. The course also covered drawing and designing, as well as gaining knowledge of textile materials, sewing details, fashion history, marketing, and business administration. This course also gave me experience in dealing with public relations and advertising.

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